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Fundus Age

Fundus Aging Clock

Fundus images have the advantage of being easy to acquire, fast, relatively non-invasive and without the use of ionising radiation.


Fundus photographs are commonly taken by opticians or eye specialists.  These images are used to diagnose a variety of diseases (e.g. diabetes or macular degeneration).  

Taking a fundus image, we are able to calculate your biological age based on our propriety deep learning algorithms on large population-based data (~49,000 subjects) with associated clinical data, and long-term follow-up.


Our fundus ageing clock was able to achieve an MAE of ~4.2 years.  

We also validated our model against 10 diseases and demonstrated that accelerated agers were highly associated with these diseases such as stroke, myocardial infarction, diabetes, and these features were present even before the onset of diseases.


Currently, we are under the process of performing external validation on local cohorts in Hong Kong.

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